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Latest News

  • Advanced Security Services with Deep Security and VMware NSX

    Are you a virtualization, security, and network architect planning to deploy cloud and software-defined data center (SDDC) architectures based on VMware network virtualization solutions (VMware NSX)? Then the integration with the Trend Micro Deep Security Platform is worth exploring before taking further steps. It is an undisputed fact that virtualization [...]

  • Tech Alert: Aruba Networks ClearPass Policy Manager vulnerabilities

    Wommelgem 19 |08|2015 Aruba Networks released a Security advisory concerning ClearPass Policy Manager CVE-2015-3653, CVE-2015-3654, CVE-2015-3655, CVE-2015-3656, CVE-2015-3657, CVE-2015-4649, CVE-2015-4650. Due to these vulnerabilities, attackers can gain access and the appliance is susceptible to Cross-Site scripting. According to Aruba’s disclosure policy, Aruba will update this advisory in 60 days to [...]

  • DDos protection solution

    WHY YOU NEED A DDOS PROTECTION SOLUTION TO MITIGATE MODERN ATTACKS DDoS threats are evolving fast. While traditional attacks, aimed at filling Internet pipes, are still common, application-targeted attacks are becoming more prevalent. As attacks continue to grow in complexity and size, and span multiple vectors, organizations must strengthen their [...]

  • Do Pulse Secure servers support Windows 10?

    Will Pulse Secure add Windows 10 to its list of supported client list? Yes. Pulse Secure is qualifying Windows 10 using the Windows 10 Technical Preview builds. This qualification process will be an ongoing exercise until the final Windows 10 builds are released by Microsoft on July 29, 2015. Where [...]

  • Tech Alert | Palo Alto PAN-OS 7.0.0 vulnerability regarding LDAP

    Palo Alto Networks has released a Security Advisory referencing a vulnerability in their PAN-OS 7.0.0 regarding LDAP within their Captive Portal and management GUI,  including Panorama. Quote | “We are emailing to inform you of a critical security vulnerability affecting PAN-OS 7.0.0. This specifically affects devices configured to use LDAP [...]