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Latest News

  • Tech Alert Infoblox: Grid Members going offline and unable to join back due to VPN certificate expiry

    #2786 – Published 04/18/2014 01:27 PM   |    Updated 04/21/2014 02:44 PM Problem description: Grid member(s) going offline and unable to join back. The offline member shows a date in 2004 and syslogs log messages indicating VPN certificate expiry Versions: The issue may affect grid that have run NIOS 4.x or […]

  • Security Alert : OpenSSL Heartbleed issue

    Heartbleed Matrix Wommelgem 15th of April 2014 | UPDATED HEARTBLEED MATRIX Wommelgem 11th of April 2014 | UPDATED HEARTBLEED MATRIX Wommelgem 10th of April 2014 | Like you have already heard there is a serious vulnerability in the OpenSSL Stack which affects multiple products. As a follow-up on the technical [...]

  • SecureLink takes participation in virtualisation specialist Raido

    Innovative virtualisation expertise is an important component of further expansion for storage, server and virtualisation unit SecureLink Wommelgem, 3 April 2014 - SecureLink, the specialised integrator in networks, security, storage and virtualisation solutions, has taken a participation in Antwerp-based virtualisation specialist Raido. Their expertise in the field of application and [...]

  • Tech Alert: PanOS 4.1 EoS

    SecureLink would like to inform you about the End of Support of PanOS 4.1 on October 31st. We advise a PanOS 5.0 upgrade. Please contact SecureLink for assistance.