Palo Alto Networks

Next Generation Firewall: Founding Father

Founded by security visionary Nir Zuk, Palo Alto Networks offers real innovation in the firewall by enabling unprecedented visibility and control of applications and content – by user, not just IP address. The Palo Alto Networks security platform consists of three major elements: our Next-Generation Firewall, our Next-Generation Endpoint Protection, and our Next-Generation Threat Intelligence Cloud. Our Next-Generation Firewall delivers application, user, and content visibility and control as well as protection against network based cyber threats integrated within the firewall through our proprietary hardware and software architecture. Our Next-Generation Endpoint Protection delivers protection against cyber attacks that aim to exploit software vulnerabilities on a broad variety of fixed and virtual endpoints. Our Next-Generation Threat Intelligence Cloud provides central intelligence capabilities as well as automation of delivery of preventative measures against cyber attacks.

Proven Track record

The Palo Alto Networks founders, management team and board of directors have been key drivers of some of the most important network security companies and related technologies in the last 12+ years, including the invention of stateful inspection, hardware-based security, and intrusion prevention. The engineering team brings a proven track record in delivering high quality networking and security solutions at companies like NetScreen, McAfee, Juniper Networks, Cisco and many others.


Here are some of the unique capabilities available only in next generation firewalls from Palo Alto Networks.

  • The only firewall to classify traffic based on the accurate identification of the application, not just port/protocol information.
  • The only firewall to identify, control and inspect SSL encrypted traffic and applications.
  • The only firewall with real-time (line-rate, low latency) content scanning to protect against viruses, spyware, data leakage and application vulnerabilities based on a stream-based threat prevention engine.
  • The only firewall to provide graphical visualization of applications on the network with detailed user, group and network-level data categorized by sessions, bytes, ports, threats and time.
  • The only firewall with line-rate, low-latency performance for all services, even under load.


The Threat Landscape is Evolving.

For the past decade adversaries have been dramatically evolving, blending multiple advanced attack techniques to evade inadequate security controls. Meanwhile organizations have stagnated with their security approaches, leaving themselves increasingly vulnerable to these attacks. With ever larger breaches frequenting the front-page news at alarming rates, it is clear that most organizations are failing to protect themselves from these advanced cyber threats, compromising millions of customer records and valuable intellectual property. Read more…


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