SecureLink Building Blocks

SecureLink Design

We translate policies to practice by means of our Integrated Security Design Method (ISDM). Your policies and your existing infrastructure together become the point of origin for an integrated and up to date security environment. This service is often one with repetitive actions within the available SLA’s, allowing your environment to develop to a highest level of technical security.

SecureLink Build

SecureLink ensures your physical security environment through means of project methodology and experienced project management. The design is translated into staging, configuration and implementation of the required security components.

Secure Run

The execution of systems management and pro-active tasks can be seen on a temporary or permant bases. We see that the SecureLink services are often viewed as an extension of the proper IT department, nevertheless, SecureLink offers possibilities to manage your security infrastructure. Within certain services of our organisation these tasks can be executes on-site or, if allowed, via remote interfaces.

Secure Operate

The maintenance of your equipment and keeping your solutions up to date and available are one of our main concerns. At this stage we focus mainly on checking the level of security, performances, incidents and availability. Within these procedures, and through balanced managed services, SecureLink guarantees necessary hard- and software maintenance combined with disaster recovery and pro-active prevention services. If necessary SecureLink is able to offer an availability guarantee. Our services vary from working days and office hours through 24×7 onsite services.