Deciding to implement IDP in a security environment is not an evident choice to make. It needs vision, persuasion and understanding of tomorrow’s threats. PricewaterhouseCoopers made this difficult choice with Juniper’s IDP solutions. SecureLink predicts that in the near future more companies will have to see the need of Intrusion Detection and Prevention, as a reactive or, hopefully, pro-active measure.

Aziz Bouassab, IT Principal Manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers:

We understood the neQuotesed of inspecting all traffic travelling in and around our network. Traffic behaving in a suspicious manner, or malicious code disguising itself as ordinary protocols, is something that can be extremely dangerous and is only detectable with IDP technology. SecureLink has all expertise and knowledge in its team to protect us from these kind of threats. The implementation went very smoothly and at this moment, SecureLink and Juniper are still helping us fine tuning and upgrading our firewall and IDP solution. That gives us great ‘peace of mind’.”




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