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Latest News

  • SecureLink and Nebulas join forces

    The expansion of the cybersecurity champion in Europe Wommelgem • 16th of August 2016 •  SecureLink together with its shareholder Investcorp has today entered into an agreement to acquire Nebulas, the leading UK cybersecurity provider. Nebulas, the leader in cybersecurity in the UK and SecureLink, the leader in cybersecurity and Managed [...]

  • Juniper Networks Champions Tech Summit 2016

    Juniper Networks Champions Tech Summit 2016 From the 12th to the 14th of July, we attended the Juniper Networks EMEA Champions Tech Summit in Berlin. This yearly returning event aims at both Juniper Certified Champions as well as internal Juniper System Engineers. It is the ideal opportunity to get in [...]

  • Juniper Networks’ new Software Defined Secure Network (SDSN)

    Today, Juniper Networks is laying out the groundwork for its new Software Defined Secure Network (SDSN) architecture, which will disrupt the way traditional datacenter security will be envisioned. The complete platform is due for release in early 2017, but most components are already available today. Threats should not only be seen as coming [...]

  • Your ‘digital front door’ is probably much more vulnerable than your actual company front door.

    Securing information of patient data has always been important, but it’s getting even more important as healthcare companies store more and more of our personal data in digital form. Next to that, the EU will activate the new EU Data Protection Regulation in 2018, which can mean that companies have [...]

  • 5 things to remember about the Blue Coat Partner Strategy Sessions

    On the 13th of June, I attended the Blue Coat Partner Strategy Sessions in London. These sessions were organized for a select group only. Of course, I have been paying good attention so I could summarize the 5 most important findings for you. 1.     The Common Operating Environment (COE) Blue [...]

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