Biggest Cybercriminal Takedown in History thanks to the FBI and Trend Micro

Trend Micro and the FBI announced the dismantling of a criminal botnet, in what is the biggest cybercriminal takedown in history. Six people have been arrested through multinational law enforcement cooperation based on solid intelligence supplied by Trend Micro and other industry partners; one further suspect remains at large.

More than 4 million victims in over 100 countries have been rescued from the malign influence of this botnet and an infrastructure of over 100 criminal servers has been dismantled with minimal disruption to the innocent victims. These cybercriminals have earned in excess of $14 million USD indiscriminately targeting users around the world in major companies, government institutions and homes.
To minimize your exposure and risk of data breach, analysts recommend a proactive strategy using network analysis and visibility tools to continually monitor your network for malicious activity. Trend Micro’s Threat Management System can be easily deployed to determine what malicious activity your network is being hijacked for, whether you are working with PC’s, MAC’s or Androids.

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