Jan Yperman Hospital quality care ready for the future thanks to SecureLink

SecureLink becomes the first integrator to pioneer and implement Juniper Networks® QFabric™System switching fabric from Juniper Networks in Northern Europe.

Wommelgem, 12 June 2012 – SecureLink, which specialises in security and networking, becomes the first integrator in Northern Europe to pioneer and implement the innovative QFabric data centre networking technology from Juniper Networks.  The company has also assumed the full management of the new network infrastructure of the Jan Yperman Hospital.

The patients and quality care take centre stage at the Jan Yperman Hospital in Ypres, where the network is playing an increasingly more vital role.  The core activities of the hospital, which are important for research and for the treatment of patients, are carried out with increasing frequency via the hospital network.  It therefore makes sense to invest in a future-proof network and data centre.  These must be efficient and efficiently managed, so that doctors and nursing staff can concentrate on quality patient care.

Owing to the ever explosive growth of data in the hospital, the guaranteed performance and operational reliability of the data centre are of the utmost importance.
The network cannot secure a sufficiently fast response to demand for data from the applications because of the age of the current infrastructure and the lack of bandwidth. The hospital moreover has set strict requirements on their new data centre infrastructure.  This infrastructure must be operationally reliable at all times with maximum performance and minimum latency, so that the medical staff can use the necessary patient information as rapidly as possible.

It is moreover vital for the data centre to be ready for future challenges.  In the short term, it must be possible to double the network’s capacity as well as to use 40 and 100 GB connections.

Francky Deleu, IT Manager, Jan Yperman Hospital: “For the design, installation and full management of this new network, we turned to our partner of long standing, SecureLink. Not having to worry about operational concerns, I can anticipate new needs and trends faster and thus align the IT system closer with the hospital’s information needs.”

Bert Van Loco, Sales Director, SecureLink: “Technology is bound to play an even more crucial role in the health sector in the coming 10 years.  This will require an efficient and stable network.  To meet the specific needs of the Jan Yperman Hospital, we opted decidedly for QFabric, the brand new, innovative data centre technology from Juniper Networks. With an average latency of only five microseconds port-to-port – the lowest in the industry at this time – the nursing staff gets rapid access at all times to such critical, digital information as needed to guarantee quality care.”

“This mission-critical deployment is a testament to the potential of the QFabric architecture and system. The solution selected by Jan Yperman Hospital is providing a dynamic data center platform for data-rich services and applications while offering investment protection and predictable, agile performance for the long-term.” said Sean Dolan, senior vice-president EMEA, Juniper Networks.

Located in Ypres, the Jan Yperman Hospital has 585 beds, as well as 80 day-care beds.  It is manned by 120 doctors/specialists and 1000 personnel members.  They provide extensive medical services and aids and stand guarantee for high quality, multi-disciplinary specialised medical care.

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