“Using Imprivata has been an unseen profit of time management within our news and editing rooms. “

Time is Money

VRT, the Belgian public broadcasting network of the Flemish Community with over 2800 employees, has made it its objective to deliver high quality show programming, combined with the latest news & sports gathering. It goes without saying that time is money.

The Benefits

That time has been gained with the installation of the Single Sign On Solution of Imprivata. This solution has several benefits:

  • The editors of the News Room and Sporza are in a constant race against the clock. Live shows need live editing. Editors need access to several different servers with different image and sound material. These servers are all secured by use of login and passwords. The use of Imprivata has made it possible to gain valuable minutes by eliminating the need to manually log in to these machines.
  • VRT has agreements with several press agencies which allows them to log in to the remote press agency servers and download image and sound material, that are invoiced later on. The temporary staff does not need to be informed about the actual login credentials, due to the fact that Imprivata manages this authentication info. Therefore, no untrusted use of these facility can be established.
  • Another feature of the Imprivata solution is Fast User Switching. Due to the fact that several editors use the same computers, this feature has become a major time saver. Before Imprivata, logging off one user and logging in another, was a matter of minutes. Now this has been reduced to but a few seconds.

Lieven TroQuotesch, VRT.

“This Single Sign On Solution of Imprivata has been a major time saving investment. The ROI was tremendous. SecureLink is, without any doubt, an expert on these matters. The ‘to the point’ – answers and technical superiority were of major importance in our decision process.”