Cyber Security Advisory Services


Providing essential insights before you start implementing

By understanding where you are today, you can build an effective, long-term cyber security strategy for the future.


What can be considered as Cyber Security Advisory Services?

The SecureLink Cyber security Advisory Services are all about guiding and advising customers on how to make their digital journey a smart and a safe one. We help you with up-to-date security knowledge, advanced technical challenges explained in a simple way.

The indisputable starting point has to be the assessment of your current status, helping you define and prioritize your goals and objectives. The results provide a recommendation on what is the best way forward. We give you an idea of your security maturity level, in comparison to your peers.

We are pragmatic cyber security experts. We know which solutions will help you get closer to compliance, whether it concerns GDPR, PCI or any other regulation involving cyber security requirements.

All the time paying attention to a healthy balance between people, processes and technology.


Your strategic consultant; your trusted adviser

The SecureLink Cyber Security Advisory Services are delivered by a team of professionals with long and solid experience from various aspects of cyber security.

Being a cyber security adviser or a strategic consultant requires the ability to move between advanced technology concepts and executive business layers, making sure our advice is always in your best interest and to our best knowledge.

Why are we offering Cyber Security Advisory Services?

Often, organisations rely on an ad hoc approach to security. By implementing many and various solutions, they hope to maximize their effectiveness. Such an approach is likely to lead to insufficient security at high cost. So we definitely noticed the need in our market for a much more pragmatic approach.

How can we help?

  • Security Maturity Assessment – without knowing your starting point it is impossible to estimate the work required to reach your desired state. The security maturity assessment gives you a high-level overview of where you are now and key recommendations for improvement.
  • The defining of your Cybersecurity strategy & roadmap can be the next step – efficient operations require proper planning. We help you define and design your cybersecurity strategy.


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