InfoSecurity / StorageExpo | March 22 & 23, 2017

InfoSecurity / StorageExpo is the one exhibition in Belgium you can’t miss if you’re a security, networking, virtualization or IT specialist. SecureLink is inviting you to visit our booth (03B024). We will demonstrate our latest solutions, discuss your specific needs or we can just have a chat! ! We’re happy to show you some live demos as well!

You may already know our expertise in Cyber Security, Virtualization and Infrastructure solutions. : On top of that, SecureLink is known to quickly embrace new trends and technologies. That way, we ensure that you and your company are prepared for the rapidly changing needs that affect your market.

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are hot topics in the industry today. Today’s techniques are astonishing, but, you also need astonishing people when you want a 360° security approach. Make sure you drop by and stay on top of the latest trends and technologies.

Our business developers Bob Deleeck and Simen Van der Perre elaborated on two important trends during their presentations at InfoSecurity / StorageExpo. Watch their videos below.

Now Is The Right Time to (Re)-Consider VDI to Enable a Secure Workspace!

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is experiencing a technology-induced revival. Companies are now virtualizing desktops more than ever before. It’s not the general idea of cost saving, but Security, Data Protection and Flexibility that are the main drivers behind a Secure Workspace based on VDI.
A Secure Workspace is not a walk in the park, it can be a slam dunk or a flat out ‘Don’t do it’ if you don’t have the right expertise.

Bob Deleeck on SecureWorkspace

The GDPR from a technological perspective: Moving towards GDPR readiness

What steps does your organization need to take in order to be GDPR ready? This European legislation is applicable to legal issues, business processes and technological aspects. GDPR is about the protection of personal data of EU citizens, in the broadest sense of the word. That is why it is important to know the location and the purpose of this personal data. Once it has been mapped, the necessary legal actions can be defined, the processes can be adjusted and ‘Privacy by Design’ can be applied through technology. In this video, Simen Van der Perre will explain how SecureLink can assist you.

Download Simen’s whitepaper on GDPR

Simen Van der Perre on GDPR

InfoSecurity 2017 Men VS Machines

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