The AppSense User Virtualization Platform was designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding global enterprises. Users want to personalize their workspace and access the data they need in order to be productive, but IT needs to manage policy, security and performance. To deliver a good user experience that supports business needs, it’s essential to accommodate all of these requirements. AppSense separates the user from the underlying platform so their persona can be applied instantly to any technology your organization deploys.

For the End User, AppSense creates a fast logon and responsive desktop and applications with a consistent user experience. AppSense also protects the user against malware and ransomware.

For the IT Pro, AppSense creates granular endpoint visibility & compliance, scalable profile management & personalization and contextual policy management. AppSense also increases the server-based computing density.

For the security Professional, AppSense controls application access, manages user & software license compliance and protects against unknown executables. This all comes with granular endpoint data & analytics

Founded in 1999, AppSense is the global leader in secure user environment management. The solutions enable IT teams to deliver an enhanced user experience and improved endpoint security across physical, virtual, and cloud desktops. With 3,500 enterprise customers worldwide, they’ve been deployed to 8 million endpoints. In April 2016, LANDESK completed the acquisition of AppSense.

Ivanti Architecture

Ivanti DesktopNow and DataNow enable IT teams to deliver the ultimate user experience and productivity across physical and virtual desktops while optimizing security and reducing operational and infrastructure costs.

Ivanti Project

VVMC, a community hospital serving residents & visitors from around the world, decided to move to a virtual desktop desktop infrastructure to reduce IT challenges and meet the hospital’s business needs. They also wanted to make the new system highly usable for every hospital employee, from clinicians to accounts payable.