Sliedrecht (NL) | Dec 11, 2014

In April 2014, went live with its own data center infrastructure based in Hilversum. The reason behind this, is the desire to cope with their gigantic growth in a flexible and scalable way. In order to obtain the required specialized network knowledge, went searching for a partner who could help them face this challenge. SecureLink has been involved in the architecture of the data center since 2013 and subsequently they were selected by in order to achieve this challenge together.

 Integration and easy management

The design is based on a routing, application delivery, security and access layer whose main features are the perfect integration between the different components and easy management of the entire architecture. SecureLink based the architecture on components of Juniper Networks and F5 Networks in combination with SecureLink’s 24/7 hours services.

Recently, also asked SecureLink to build the security and networking infrastructure of their new building in Utrecht. Components of Juniper Networks are deployed here as well. SecureLink’s managed Security Service SecureProtect is used to support the IT organization of

“The prolongation of our IT organization”

“IT is crucial to We consider the partners we do business with to help build this crucial infrastructure, as a ‘prolongation’ of our IT organization. We would describe SecureLink as fast, flexible, no nonsense and with a high level of expertise. A true partner for,” said Leon Verhaegen, Director of IT Development at

“The joint thinking about the architecture and then the joint achievement of these infrastructures along with the providing of our services to the fastest growing e-commerce environment in the Netherlands, requires the right attention and resources of both organizations. Through extensive automation and orchestration, we deliver flexibility, clear management and fast provisioning,” said Peter Mesker, CTO SecureLink Netherlands.