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Improve the functionality of your proxy services

At the perimeter of the corporate network, firewalls and intrusion detection systems provide excellent protection against external attacks. But they are not designed to control internal users from inappropriate Web surfing, opening back doors for viruses through Web based email or instant messaging, or consuming network bandwidth and storage with P2P file sharing and video streaming.

Secure Proxy

Blue Coat appliances protect network users from undesired traffic on the internet. A solid security concept needs a proxy server. This proxy will make sure users can not establish a direct connection with other hosts on the internet.

All internet traffic will be monitored by the proxy. Blue Coat Systems is the inventor of Secure Proxy. This system adds an extra layer of security that is called: content security. By letting all users communicate with the internet through a Blue Coat proxy, it is easy to determine which user can do what, at what time. By enforcing elaborate policies users, or groups of users, can securely make use of the internet and the risk for infection by viruses, and thus productivity loss, is significantly diminished.


The addition of a Blue Coat Webfilter makes it possible to, by using categories, very granulary determine which websites are safe to visit. The Blue Coat Reporter can monitor and log all internet traffic and provide clear user reports.

P2P traffic, Instant Messaging, Streaming Media, … these are all services that can bring down the performance and security of your LAN. Protect, monitor and log the use of these services with Blue Coat.

PacketShaper for intelligent bandwidth management

In 2008 Blue Coat acquired QOS and Network Visibility expert Packeteer. Packeteer was the leading provider of application traffic management solutions worldwide and became famous with its patented technology for intelligent bandwidth management. Those solutions optimize network and application performance across wide-area networks and the Internet. The result is reduced IT operational costs and increased business productivity.

PacketShaper delivers visibility and control of network applications.





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