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IronPort® Systems is a business unit of Cisco. Operating as a part of Cisco’s Security Technology Group, IronPort is a leading provider of anti-spam, anti-virus and anti-spyware appliances for organizations ranging from small businesses to the Global 2000. IronPort email security, Web security and security management product lines utilize SenderBase®, the world’s largest threat detection database, to address issues faced by corporations large and small – combining powerful performance with preventive and reactive security measures that are easy to deploy and manage.

IronPort has raised the bar with revolutionary anti-spam, anti-virus and anti-spyware technology that protects the world’s most important networks. IronPort offers carrier-grade platforms combined with powerful tools that enable simple management of complex tasks. By providing security solutions deployed at the network gateway, IronPort enables a perimeter defense so powerful that Internet threats of all types never even make it to employees’ desktops. IronPort products can support and protect your infrastructure – not only from today’s threats, but from those certain to evolve in the future.

IronPort appliances harness the power of the IronPort SenderBase Network, the world’s first and largest threat tracking database. SenderBase captures data from more than 100,000 organizations worldwide, providing a large and diverse sample of Internet traffic patterns.

  • IronPort’s SenderBase measures more than 25 percent of the world’s messaging traffic, receiving over five billion queries per day
  • SenderBase enables IronPort to block up to 80 percent of spam at the connection level
  • Using SenderBase data, IronPort increases malware catch rates by more than 20 percent over signature-based scanning alone – an unprecedented increase in efficacy
  • For live threat updates and real-time access to your SenderBase Reputation Score (SBRS), visit:

IronPort Systems is focused on building comprehensive gateway security for enterprise customers. IronPort is a clear leader in the industry, pioneering technical breakthroughs like reputation systems and unique proxy appliance designs. IronPort’s industry-leading systems have a demonstrated record of unparalleled performance, accuracy and reliability.

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More on IronPort: www.ironport.comCiscoIP-Logo

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