Make your work easier with our Managed Security Services

The number of security incidents is increasing at a rapid pace. The techniques applied by attackers are becoming more and more advanced. Therefore, it is extremely important that you are always one step ahead. That requires continues infrastructure and security monitoring by specialists who perform a 24/7 analysis of the incidents.

SecureLink offers its own Managed Security Services, namely SecureProtect. Many Security-as-a-Service formulas are possible, all classified in OPERATE services (NOC) and ANALYZE  services (CDC). Through this service, your infrastructure is remotely monitored and managed. Infrastructure monitoring, incident response and security incident analysis are key components of SecureProtect. It will help you to get better return on investments by reducing security risks and the workload of your own IT department.

* Organizations can choose to take both OPERATE and ANALYZE services simultaneously or you can use them separately.

We offer:

  1. Security announcements
  2. Personalized approach
  3. Skilled service desk
  4. Escalation procedures
  5. SecureDAP & SecureSLA
  6. Extensive reports

SecureProtect is a modular 24×7 service that is made up of:

Infrastructure services


The challenge many organizations face is managing and controlling their complex infrastructure. SecureLink provides hands-on knowledge and expertise via our Network Operate Centers (NOC). Rely on specialists to manage your infrastructure; enabling you to focus on your core business. Your infrastructure should be like electricity: always available, extremely efficient and highly reliable.

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Advanced security services
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Security is more than just installing the necessary security devices. It includes the continuous processing of the information from these devices. Our locally hosted Cyber Defense Centers (CDC) provide the ‘security services glue’ between all your infrastructure components. Security analysts and specialists monitor your infrastructure 24x7 so they can intervene immediately once your security is at risk.

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