Proxy Appliances

URL Filtering

Today more and more applications send traffic over TCP port 80 (or 443 when encrypted), a typical example is peer-to-peer file sharing applications and Instant Messaging. Proxy appliances are used to control what type of applications are allowed and by whom as user authentication is also an important part of a proxy. As a proxy can control who has access to which application or site there is also detailed logging available.

The proxy appliances that SecureLink supports are the appliances from Blue Coat and Cisco Ironport Websecurity. Both vendors have a very good URL filtering technology and offer malware protectionthrough categorizing malware websites and anti-virus technologies. Blue Coat uses a dedicated anti-virus appliance, where Cisco Ironport supports anti-virus on the proxy appliance itself.

Other advantages of dedicated proxy appliances are the ability of caching and the flexibility of deployment (transparent proxy, explicit proxy, reverse proxy).

Next to these dedicated proxy appliances, URL filtering and malware prevention can also be achieved on integrated Next Generation Firewalls. Although not being a caching proxy, Palo Alto Networks has the same URL filtering capabilities and has a combination of many anti-malware prevention including botnet detection, drive-by download detection, anti-virus etc. As every network is different, SecureLink expertise will help you in deciding which technology best suites your environment.

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