Specialized Security and Networking Integrator SecureLink redefines ICT Department’s role in Secured Networking and Telephony

Moving into new facilities in Antwerp city, the ICT department at Mercator Verzekeringen (Insurances) wanted the best in security, telephony and networking systems while expanding their role in supporting the organization.

The service solution offered by SecureLink, based on integrated Juniper Networks technology, took the insurer a step ahead in adopting new ways of working in a flexible and secure IT environment. Mercator’s ICT team now focuses with confidence on its mission: to provide the most secure business environment for co-workers, brokers and customers.

Mercator was in need of a flexible building infrastructure for their new facility as well as a new way of working to clearly demonstrate its credo: “Making you safer”. Procurement and Facilities Manager Koen Van Dyck says: “We had two interrelated challenges: the new building, and a ‘new working style’ with open landscapes and project-based work places instead of fixed cubicles for each employee.”

An advanced workspace concept with flexible and secure ICT

At the same time the company decided to move its Antwerp-based headquarters into more modern facilities, it also wanted a stronger working relationship with its partners, offering them flexible, low-maintenance workspaces in the new building. Mercator Verzekeringen is one of Belgium’s leading insurance companies with a network of independent insurance brokers built over many years. This corporate/broker relationship is key to Mercator’s success.

“Our workspace and ICT service needed to accommodate small changes and adaptations that typically result from major organizational transfers in a big firm like ours. An easy-scalable yet highly secure ICT approach was essential in achieving this,” concludes Koen Van Dyck. “We also preferred a consulting partner that could manage and implement these ever-changing IT services that also had a good cultural fit: a long-term relationship based on mutual understanding of our current and future business requirements.”

“While flexibility was important, our IT solution needed to be absolutely secure,” underscores CIO Günther Ghijsels. “We sought the right balance between easy working conditions and attractive tools on the one hand, and total IT security on the other, including tight control of physical and user access to our exclusive applications.” With one eye on its internal service, the ICT department decided to focus on a multi-vendor outsourced model in which its own role was redefined as managing the partnerships and ensuring the agreed-to service levels, unlike earlier days when ICT executed all necessary tasks.

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