UZ Brussels

UZ Brussels chose SecureLink for its new LAN

SecureLink proposed an extension for the 2 existing Nortel Passport core switch chassis with 2 new ones. At that time, Nortel changed their names to Ethernet Routing Switches 8600. This extension provided UZ Brussels enough slots to create the needed space to grow. Not only in number of ports, but also in types of connectivity.

UZ Brussels wanted to separate server connectivity from edge switches. After implementation, the Nortel Resilient 1 Terabit Cluster was more than able to provide this separation. The extension of the existing (Nortel only) Split MLTconstituted the ultimate level of redundancy and high availability. Others were not able to reach the same level.

Nowadays UZ Brussels runs on a full gigabit backbone and every user has gigabit to the desktop via the edge network of Nortel’s ERS 5510 and ERS 5530. In fact, there are 4 ERS 8600 chassis in the core, 2 for server connectivity, 2 to cover the over 4000 ports at the edges. And they function as each others backup.

This network was made VoIP ready, and meanwhile VoIP is active on campus.

Eric Pattyn,Quotes IT Systems Manager UZ Brussels:

“It was the level of expertise, strategical thinking and thoroughness that convinced us of doing business with SecureLink. I would not hestitate to recommend them to any colleague IT Manager. Keep up the good work!”




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