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Movie: Why Security as a Service?

Digital fraud is a very lucrative business. It is a threat that has reached epic proportions. Your organization is no longer safe by implementing the appropriate security products. The proper use of these products and the management of your entire infrastructure requires experts. Security as as Service can bring peace of mind; for you in your job and for your organization.

Watch this short video in which SecureLink CEO – Jo Vander Schueren – explains why this is relevant, also for your organization.

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Check out the new @Infoblox DNS Threat Index – the only indicator of malicious activity worldwide that exploits #DNS

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Americans Want Government to React to Nation-State Cyberattacks: Survey

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Zo makkelijk is het om tweets te vervalsen bij het embedden.

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The #datacenter and its applications are prime targets for #cyberattacks, making up 97% of exploit logs

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More knowledge means more flexibility! And a boost for your personal growth and career! Schedule your SecureAcademy…

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